My 10 in 2010

Last year I chose to make my “experiments with truth” pretty broad. This year, I decided to make some S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely- I think that’s it anyway…) goals.

Without further ado and in no particular order, here are my 10 for 2010:

1. Run Around the Bay and cross the finish line smiling

2. Buy, barter or borrow a sewing machine and learn to sew

3. Take more photos. A lot more photos. Be braver with my cameras and get used to using them more. Post more photos on the blog. Seek out opportunities to assist photographers or learn new skills

4. Visit a country that we’ve never been to

5. Take some significant steps at gaining some new professional/education experience

6. Manage our money- keep saving and figure out an appropriate investment strategy

7. Read lots. I love to read and generally have a book or two or five on the go. This year I’d like to read more non-fiction books, particularly books on theology

8. Healthy lifestyle- continue eating lots of whole, natural foods, run, strength train, practice yoga, eat more vegetables!

9. Try to be a bit less anal about random things like Matt’s piles of clean AND dirty laundry.

10. Take better care of my hands and feet- sounds a bit silly, but my cleats and running shoes RUIN my feet and the winter cold takes a beating on my hands. It’s a small thing but taking a bit of time each day to use hand lotion goes a long way.

And because all posts are better with a photo (especially involving spandex)–check out the new pair of running tights I found at Value Village. Welcome 1980 2010!


8 thoughts on “My 10 in 2010

  1. I especially like number #3, if you have to choose just one to focus on I strongly recommend #3

  2. So I am a little bit behind on the blog posts, But I have a sewing machine that I got from my mom–its a bit old and likely needs to be cleaned… but I don’t really use it… you could borrow it indefinately….Great list–Pernell has some really great books on community and theology that I have read, great source for good (free) books!

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