feelin’ sveeedish in 2010

Thanks to my very generous in-laws (doesn’t the word in-law sound so daunting?!) Mom and Dad P we got a brand new bed! Woohoo! You have NO idea how happy we are about this. See, since we got married, we’ve been sleeping in my teeny tiny double…and Matt is 6’3! And Squirmy! And all arms and legs! Yikes!  This baby is a queen and is dee-lightful! Matt almost had a nervous breakdown in Ikea (ikea generally=crazy, Ikea after Christmas= total complete utter madness). We survived and I even ate a cinnamon bun and Matt ate 2 hotdogs tubes of mystery meat! What a treat. Matt’s second break down happened during the assembly phase. We have a tiny apartment so it was chaos with the boxes, mattresses, styrofoam, etc.  We managed to get it together still smiling (barely!).  And now not a night or morning goes by that we don’t make the same monotonous comment(s) about HOW MUCH SPACE WE HAVE!

m: we didn’t touch ALL night!

m: I LOVE that there is no footboard.

m: there is SOOO much room.

c: I LOVE THIS FREAKIN’ BED (but I extra hate waking up early for work!)

Our little double bed made us EXTRA grateful for this new gift! We’re so thankful.

And we’re sleeping REALLY well these days.


2 thoughts on “feelin’ sveeedish in 2010

  1. I definitely laughed out loud at the “we didn’t touch all night!” comment. How romantic. (and very true….I can definitely relate to the tall-all legs-man sleeping in bed with me.)

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