this is what a long run will do to you…

One of my 1o in 2010 goals is to run the around the bay race in March. The race is 30 km (18.6 mi) so we need to do a lot of training if we want to finish the race on our legs and not crawling towards the finish line. Each Saturday we have to do a long run. LOOOONG. This morning I was laying in bed listening to the news and I heard that it was -15 degrees outside and the city was issuing a cold alert. awesome. what a perfect day to spend an hour and forty minutes outside running.

But…we pushed through. After bagels with almond butter, honey and banana, we hit the road.

I wore:



-quick dry pants

-under armor shirt

-dry fit t shirt

– another long sleeve dry fit shirt

-fleece jacket


– scarf


and voila…

It’s a beautiful day outside and I know I would have chosen to hibernate inside if it weren’t for our horribly hard training plan. We ran 10.1 miles in an hour and 40 minutes .

Here is the after math:

The rest of the weekend is packed–off to eat egg “mc”muffins made by Ollie, then we have  to clean our apartment, head to guelph for a fun dinner with friends!

And then on to Sunday…gosh, I love weekends!


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