Things that do not matter

Some things do not matter. In fact, a lot of things don’t matter. For instance- nice cars, how many facebook friends you have, your fashion sense, how nice your house is, what your job title is, whether or not everyone likes you, what you look like, what you do on a Saturday night. A lot of things don’t matter.

Here are some things that do matter; your family, your friends, your partner, the health of all of these people, the safety of all of these people, justice, peace and doing what’s right. Grace matters.

Ironically, I spend 90% of my head space worrying about the above list and 90% of my time taking advantage of the lower list. Why are we so drawn to the trivial? Why do we spend so much time fighting for things that don’t matter. Social media and facebook in particular are terrible for us because so often people post about the most asinine things. About what they bought or what they wish they bought (I’ve been guilty of this too). Heck, half the time this blog is a random grab bag of the most RANDOM things inside my brain. Often trivial things. Sometimes not.

The question becomes, how do we make sure that we’re spending adequate time loving the people in our lives? Being happy they are safe and well. How often do we offer gratitude to the One that makes it possible or to the universe? Today I spent a fair amount of time worrying about not going to a work event- I felt guilty…like I would be deemed ungrateful. I was worried about what people would think of me. But then I came home and turned my brain on and realized that tonight I am choosing to be with the people who matter to me, with my friends. I am choosing to do this knowing full well we all won’t always be together, there won’t always be nights like this; nights where the main goal is to celebrate life.

We’ve all seen the total chaos in Haiti…and the crazy thing is–is that Haiti can happen in our own lives… We live in a broken world and we cannot escape the brokenness. Here’s what we can do. We can pray for those who are in need; who need healing and love and food and their health. We can dig deep and really love the people in our lives. We can let go of grudges. We can look for little pieces of God in every thing. We can take big breaths. And exhale slowly. We can stop trying to GAIN MATERIAL possessions and start gaining some character…we can stop being losers on facebook.

And tonight we can celebrate life, humbly, not knowing what the future holds.



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