change in plans

Good morning! Happy Saturday. How’s your weekend been so far? I’ve had a pretty great time and it’s already Saturday morning. Last night after work I went to pick up a few things for my valentine exchange partner–so fun! It felt like I was filling a stocking for myself. I also popped into a health food store to pick up a few things including my beloved LaraBars. I don’t generally buy them because they are PRICY–$2.29 each and it makes Matt want to shout Swedish curse words at me. A few weeks ago I made my OWN “Lara Bars” at home. Victory! But yesterday I saw Cinnamon Roll AND chocolate…so I had to by them. Hi my name’s Cait and my special treat is a LaraBar. Sigh.

I also picked up some cashew butter. It’s like peanut butter but a million times better. SO.GOOD.

We went to waterloo for a last minute dinner with a group of friends. We drank wine out of juice glasses, ate a delicious meal and laughed a lot. Did you know that researchers think that on average children laugh 300 times a day? I think I laughed at least 300 times last night.

Our plan was to head out for our long run today, but my knee has been really bothering me since the end of last week’s long run. I managed to run hills Monday, but took Wednesday off for good measure.  Because it’s not feeling 100% I am going to take today off too. I’m scared of getting an hour out there and deciding I can’t run any further and being stuck walking home in minus 10 weather. Not a good idea. So, no running until our ultimate game tomorrow. Boo.

But of course that does free up a couple hours–so I am going to work on a craft for my package, eat some more toast (with cashew butter, naturally) and drink tea…a photo taking walk might also been in the cards.

Tonight we’re heading an hour and a half into the boonies to see other friends…with a hot tub. BONUS.

To sign off, here is a photo of Matt from Monday night after an ordeal of locking the keys in the trunk at the place where we run hills. Our car has no trunk pop anywhere inside the car. We also have only ONE set of car keys. Matt lost the other set. Needless to say, took about 3 hours and endless calls and missions to finally get someone who knew how to get keys out of a trunk without being a locksmith that cost over $100.  I think Matt was tired at the end of the ordeal.


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