Change in the smallest way possible

Last year for a late Lent project, myself and a few friends gave up ALL drinks except water… we’re not just talking alcohol. We’re talking EVERYTHING except H2O. You can read about my experiences here and here or here and if you’re really keen, here. The premise is simple. Drink only water for 40 days. Donate the money that you WOULD have spent on different drinks (daily coffees, beers with friends, cases of diet pepsi, etc) and give it to Blood: Water Mission. If you’re AT ALL intrigued please please go take a look at their website. They are doing amazing work building wells and providing people with clean drinking water.

Two things happened today that reminded me of last year’s water challenge. First my friend Karmyn and her husband Ben just led their youth group in the challenge and used it as a fundraiser for their upcoming mission trip. They raised $1000. Karmyn is an excellent writer and a pretty inspiring person. Go check out her blog here. Seriously. I really loved what Karmyn’s learnings were because they SO closely echoed my own. When you only drink water, you pee A LOT. Also, not drinking nice warm drinks (coffee, for me) makes greasy breakfast, weekends, work meetings and early mornings WAYYYY more brutal.

Secondly, I got an email from Blood: Water Mission today letting me know that water challenge starts in just two weeks. That’s where you come in. Trust me when I say that this simple exercise changed my life. It taught me lessons about privilege but at the same time it cost me more than simply saying no to non-water drinks. It cost me dollars. I love that this “challenge” is two-fold. Yes, I learned a lot and perhaps those learnings would be substantial on their own. But more importantly, the money I donated (and it’s fully up to you how much you donate) was used to give water to people who do not have any.

Please please consider taking on the 40 days of water challenge. Trust me, you won’t regret it. You’ll probably only do it once and it will most certainly make you uncomfortable and it will definitely cost you something, but you will be making the world a better  place.* With one small change for only 40 days, you can be change in the world.

Seriously. Please consider signing up. Challenge yourself.

I am so glad I did.

*I won’t be participating in 40 days of water this year because I think one year is enough, but I will most definitely be making a donation to Blood: Water Mission with great appreciation for the important work they do.


3 thoughts on “Change in the smallest way possible

  1. hey Cait – this sounds amazing. I read all of your blogs on it and it sounds like a great way to do something little, that can help to change my thinking and outlook in a big way. I love how inspiring your blogs are about living counter culturally…its great to hear about your struggles and triumphs along the way. I love hearing the ways you are living out your faith and the quotes, blogs, websites that you find to be inspiring in turn. Thanks for posting the info about Blood:Water Mission- I think I’m going to do it!! Hope you are well old friend!! CP

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