love and blackberry


this is a rant.

**disclaimer**– i have a blackberry that I do not pay for thank to some VERY generous folks. If I had to pay myself I can assure you that I’d still be using my trusty ole’ LG.

I hate blackberry ads with all my heart. yes, I said hate and I know it’s a strong word.

Here’s why…

I own a cell phone- in fact as I mentioned above, I own a blackberry. Cell phones are useful. Mostly. I feel safer and I can be in touch with those I love more often. But I also know that the coltan in phones is mined in the ground and causes a LOT of damage and resources wars in places like the DRC. Cell phones end up in the earth, in landfills.


yes, cell phones…complicated.

BUT here’s why I had Blackberry ads (although ALL ads do this, I just have special hate for BB).

They try to sell love.

This whole “love what you do” campaign…I wonder, what the HECK does Blackberry have to do with loving one’s life/job etc.

Also, the whole Bono/U2 deal. Tell me, does U2 really need the money? It seems like such a weird sell out thing to advertise.

This ad also drives me nuts. What the HECK does this have to do with a cell phone.

This whole rant was inspired by a very text heavy “love” ad that Blackberry had in a magazine. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere online.

There is this great “Love Boldly” video type ad here

I would like to tell Blackberry that I think it’s a crock that they try to sell an emotion (again, i know that is what all ads do) but really, love? LOVE? If I own a BB I will be able to LOVE BOLDLY? Um, no. I won’t be loving boldly because I’ll be so infatuated with my stupid cell phone that  I won’t stop to smell the flowers, or look at the sunset or really BE present.

I realize that this rant is completely silly but really, please don’t try to sell love. Especially sneakily–so I watch the whole dumb commercial having NO clue what it’s for…only to find it’s for a crappy piece of plastics. Ugh.


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