I’m going to be bossy

For real.
Go here and read this.

I think this woman is brillant, funny and absolutely correct.

Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “I’m going to be bossy

  1. While I agree that people should be able to eat whatever FOOD (outside of meat…) they want; I take issue because a lot of ‘food’ consumed in north America isn’t food, its empty calories void of any nutritional value.

    If I had it my way I would only eat bread, apples, cheese and baked goods. I have to make the conscious choice to eat veggies and fruit otherwise I’ll get scurvy…. maybe that’s dramatic 🙂

    1. …but i wonder if all you actually did eat was bread, apples, cheese and baked goods, if your body would rebel and be all like, “eff this, give me some damn spinach!” you know what I mean? I think we’ve left the place where we can trust our bodies–like she says, people want to survive, and you need nutrients and such to do so.

      And I agree that a lot of “food” in North America isn’t food (30 cal yogurt?!) but strangely enough half of the “faux” foods we eat is considered “health” food –and the other half is junk…aka cheetos…what the heck are those made of any way.

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