weekend goodness

Matt and I went on a quick road trip this past weekend–to Buffalo! We headed out around 10 am after a stop at McDonalds for FREE coffee for me and greasy breakfast for Matt…and we were off! We had to wait at the border for almost an hour which is a bit long- but it was such a beautiful day that we just rolled down the windows and sang along with the radio (matt claims he knows all the words…i beg to differ. His “singing along to songs” is like this “blaegrj ahujfd adeehh” –he just makes random sounds!

Once we got there we had some lunch and then hit the outlet mall! We’re not huge shoppers- but it was great to pick up some new stuff! I got a new pair of running shoes to work in for the big race, gloves for running and a new gym bag! I also got some greek yogurt (they don’t sell it here in Canada). Matt got some new under armor tights- and some new boxers! Then we hit the road back to Hamilton.

All in all- a very successful trip. In fact, it was a successful weekend. Friday night we went to Lick’s for burgers with Ron and Deb and then watched a movie (Law Abiding Citizen)–which was a bit gory, but suspenseful. Then after our shopping trip, we had a great dinner at Amanda’s with friends…complete with homemade ice cream sandwiches!

Sunday we played ultimate (we won!) and then went for a 10.5 mile run. We were suppose to run longer, but our legs were DEAD. It was a windy, hard run. Painful in the moment, but good for overall training. If race day is windy, we’ll be ready (at least for 10 miles of it!) We had another excellent dinner with some more friends and hit the hay before the end of Oscars.  We loved Hurt Locker (a random blockbuster rental) and were happy it won best picture (haven’t seen Avatar) AND of course, I was so happy that a woman won best director (for a war movie, no less!)

This week is crazy at work, so I am thinking it will FLY by. We’re waiting to hear from some schools so the mailbox has become our daily opponent. In the Cait vs. mailbox battle, the mailbox fully won today. Nada. So we wait longer. Next weekend we’ve a birthday to attend and an OUTDOOR ultimate tournament!  Yay for celebrating life–and spring!

goodbye usa, hello canada!


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