who are you?

I do love this little blog. I like to post my stories and quotes and things that come into my head. I like that my friends read my blog and sometimes leave nice comments. The funny thing about wordpress is that it tells you how many people view your blog each day.

This blog is NOT a popular blog at all. In fact, the “readers” are mostly family and friends.


Lately there seems to be more people reading my blog than I consider my regular ( hi Mom! Ron! Steph! )”readers” (haha, sounds so posh…say it in a british accent …my reaaaders…i kid, i kid.

This begs the question–who are you mysterious readers?

I’m so curious…


13 thoughts on “who are you?

  1. me Cait me! not really that mysterious thou? Although somewhat foreign and therefore exotic? haha. If only NZ was consider exotic…

  2. I check in often! Always love what you have to say. Great way to keep up on what you are up to as well.

  3. I would read your blog even if you were not my wonderful daughter….so insightful….makes me want to be a better person.

  4. i am a faithful reader – and so are some of the students of unity christian high. i sometimes read your posts to them. they think you are cool. which, obviously, you are. xoxo

  5. haha- this is a cait-love-fest! thank you all–i love you all too- including amy and phil, who I have never PHYISCALLY met- but have heard enough wonderful things about both of them to consider them friends!

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