Signs of Life (otherwise titled: All We Do is Eat)

It’s been a great weekend che casa MacLennanPenman! Friday night we went to WASS an Ethiopian restaurant down the road to celebrate Deb’s 25th birthday! It was excellent and there were lots of fun people there…and TWO people baked cupcakes. I ate one of each, naturally. We went out for some drinks after and made our way home. We’re truthfully so happy that Deb was born-we couldn’t ask for better neighbours and friends!

I got up early to go on my LAST long run before next Sunday’s Big Race. Eeeks…I’m getting nervous. And excited. But mostly nervous. I’ve been checking the weather for next weekend lots (Elmira Maple Syrup fest is Saturday!) I am thinking rain. So with the weather network…awesome.

So, I went running and Matt took over my space in the bed before I was fully out of it.

Then, we gathered our ingredients and headed over to Maja’s house for an Asian Feast. We made enough food to feed a small country. There was: spring rolls, fresh rolls, sushi rolls, pad thai, tempura and dessert. and Wine! And a LOT of cooking. Maja has a gorgeous SPACIOUS kitchen, but it was bustling last night. Laugher and oil explosions and video making. It was a really fun night. Uncomplicated, complete with good food and even better friends. Really, what more can one ask for?

Here are some of the chefs!

Today we slept in and made our way to our semi-final ultimate game…and we won! It was our last indoor game until next October. We’re missing the finals next week because of our race. I think our team is going to have no problem pulling out the W.

Then Kim came over! We had an excellent lunch at Williams by the water and then we went to buy some “supplies” for a new craft project that I’m working on! (I can’t tell you about it yet, because I am making it as a gift for someone!–but I will take photos and post them later).

I loveeeed seeing kim. And Matt LOVEEEED not having to accompany me to the craft store–because if there’s one place he hates, it’s Michaels. I feel the same way about Canadian Tire, so I understand where he’s coming from. Kim on the other hand, enjoyed it as much as I did! She’s the best company. After Kim headed back to Barrie, I realized that I forgot one thing for my project–so Matt joined me for a quick trip back to Michaels! What a good partner, eh? He did however opt to stay in the car while I ran it!

We just had another delicious dinner with Deb, Ollie and Luke- Thai Pizza and gnocchi. There’s been a lot of eating this weekend. Matt and Ollie and Luke are gearing up to watch their new “program”-the Pacific.

I think I’ll work on making my lunch for tomorrow and get everything organized so I can have a smmmoooth monday morning. Nothing is worse than having a crazy, rushed start to the week, eh?

I hope that you had an excellent weekend and that you’re ready to take on whatever you’ve got on the docket this week.


2 thoughts on “Signs of Life (otherwise titled: All We Do is Eat)

  1. i LOVED seeing you today! what a wonderful sunday afternoon! did you get the final “ingredient” for the project? thanks for a great sunday! xo

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