World Water Day

I am very passionate about water. More specifically, people having access to clean water and sanitation….because there are a LOT (over 1,000,000,000 people in fact) and over 2.5 million people don’t have access to clean sanitation.

So, in honour of World Water Day– I want to give a BIG shout out to my friends who are participating in the the Blood: Water Mission 40 days of water challenge –Nicki, Tasha, Jussie, Amanda so more! These women are so awesome and they are ACTUALLY making a difference– both in their own lives, and in the lives of others through the donation that they’ll make at the end of their challenge. I talk about BWM a LOT–and for a good reason. They’re an excellent organization and they’re bringing water (sustainable water) to communities across Africa. It’s amazing.

*I don’t know anything about Charity Water, but I thought the video was interesting!

Also, check out BWM videos here.


that’s what 1 billion people not having water is. Complete injustice. Matt and I were both saying today that we waste too much water…shower too long, let the tap run while we do our dishes. We need to do our part–we need to be mindful of those who walk miles a day to collect dirty water for their families, of those women who are raped along the road, of those 4000 + children who die from diarrhea. Thankfully there are excellent organizations out there trying to help…bringing clean water; the source of life…but we can’t just sit back and let others do the work. It’s about telling a better story, right? I think helping communities access clean water –in quantity and quality is telling a pretty epic story.


One thought on “World Water Day

  1. pips! i showed my students this video clip this morning – they loved it. thank you for once again inspiring me and allowing me to (hopefully) inspire them! xo

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