All the Way Around

Today was our big “race”— it was one of my 10 in 2010 to complete the 30km course and I am happy to say that we did it! I carried my silly camera for the ENTIRE race and only took the photo that you see above. So, fail for the taking more pictures goal!

I am not sure where to start–actually I am. Because the start and the finish are all the same. Do you know what was so moving, so powerful about this whole experience? The people. And not the random 9000 faces you see about you (although a lot of them were really inspiring) but our people.

Firstly- it was Matt and myself. It was so helpful to train together. To have a partner who understood the whole process. Matt is a natural athlete so I knew he’d do amazing. Second, I ran hills Monday nights with a group of women from work. It was SO great having friends to chat with and to pass time with. Our “coach” Kim was a H.U.G.E inspiration. You should see this woman…she’s amazing…and an IRON WOMAN. Her tips and tricks made me feel confident.

Also, there were the 8000+ other runners. Old, young, big, small. The diversity was amazing. At one point, probably about 2/3 of the way through the run, I passed this VERY old, slightly feeble looking older man. But let me tell you–he was truckin’ it up hills with the best of them. What an inspiration. Health and fitness at any age, I tell you!

And finally– there was you, our friends and family. I can’t even count how many people wished us well, prayed for us, text us, called us on race morning. After the halfway point in the race in a particularly hilly section I saw Deb, Ollie and  Maja waving and cheering. There are no words to describe what that kind of support does to your spirit. I felt so honoured that they came to watch us (and let me tell you running isn’t the most interesting thing to watch).  After I saw them I had the extra umph in my step that I needed. And then, as I raced into the arena where the finish line was, with little to no control of my legs just SPRINTING to, I looked up and saw Amanda, Ron and Luke. Cheering. For me. Seriously  I could have cried. I was so grateful to have completed the course and even more thankful to have such amazing friends.

It’s always about the people.

Both Matt and I beat our own goals we set for ourselves- mine by a mere 20 seconds.

We hobbled home from the race and hopped in the car to zip over to our ultimate game- it was the championship game, and while we were in NO condition to play, we were fresh off of a high of seeing our own friends cheer us on, it was our turn. Ollie and the team played so hard and pulled out an excellent win. So exciting. Our prize was 2 pairs of sports socks. I kid you not.

A nap and a delicious dinner rounded out a great day. Now I am going to read one of my 7000 library books and Matt is going to watch his war show with some friends.

I know I say this all the time, but we’re blessed to live the lives we do. Testing our limits and pushing ourselves feels great- but knowing that we have people to celebrate with feels infinitely better.


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