It’s Ironic a bit…

Good Friday.

Strange, really. Because ultimately, it does work out for the best. Yes, on Friday Jesus dies, but 2000+ years later, we know that he didn’t really “die”. But back then, in the moment, in the heat of his death…the people he loved saw him die. And he really was dead. There’s not a lot of immediate hope when someone dies, especially when the person who has just died was  supposed to change the world, the way we live.

I worked at a United Church camp for many years. We used to do this session where the kids would head around camp and a bit of a “tour” and run into different stations…there was role playing and stories and the kids loved it. Without fail, my role was always to read the book “The Three Trees” in this small nook of camp that we call Vespers Point.

I found a youtube video of someone reading the book–with children’s illustrations. I know that when I read blogs, I rarely click on the videos, but  this video is special. It’s a book–a children’s book. And it’s 5 minutes. Sometimes the lessons we teach kids are the ones that we really need to hear for ourselves. And this book is one of those–I felt something every time I read it–even eight times a summer.

Take a look, it’s 5 minutes you won’t regret.

So, yes, today is Good Friday…but I think we should call it Sad Friday, Defeated Friday…or Sometimes You Have To Go Through The Dirt To Get To The Good Friday…but this weekend, this journey through Jesus’ death until his resurrection is such an example of how God works…not like we expect. But, like they say, there is joy in the morning….and in this case, on Sunday Morning.

So we hang on through Friday.

Someone told me this week that after mass on Friday, Catholic churches often strip the church…taking away all of the decorations,the cloth, the candles. They turn off the lights and leave it bare. And for the only day off the year, mass is not said on Saturday…the church is silent in its mourning.

But then comes Sunday.

And that’s a whole other story.


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