the tension

I was at a workshop last week about community organizing-put on by the 25 in 5 network. It was excellent and I learned a lot of things I didn’t know, particularly around the ideas of creating targeted campaigns, often to fight for or against something (the cutting of the special diet allowance would be an example of this).

But the one thing that really struck me was something the facilitator said. Like most workshopy type activities we made a list of “rules” to make the day run smoothly- most of them were very sensical (i.e. listen to each other, don’t dominate the conversation, be cautious of how your words might be interpreted, etc). But a couple of times throughout the day the group experienced divisions or disagreements (not in an angry or unproductive way) and the facilitator told us ” i want us to live in the tension for a little while” and then, “let’s just experience this tension and continue…”

Experience the tension.

I thought about this today thinking about Easter –and Easter Sunday in particular.

I wrote about this here on Good Friday. And I left off saying that everything changes on Easter Sunday–and it did. Jesus wasn’t dead- death couldn’t defeat him….perhaps just as importantly, nonviolence overcame violence. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection we’re show that there is a better way to live, a new way, with hope and redemption.

But after Sunday, comes Monday. And everyone knows how Mondays tend to go…

I love this quote from this smart woman.

Today I remember we are on a journey of faith.
That Jesus isn’t just for one day.
That the meat and bread and milk of our creed
is to put one foot in front of the other
on Monday.
Until He returns.

In these hours of monotony,
when the phone sings out and couch cushions are stepped on.
When the Lost Boys declare piracy is the only option.
When he works long hours for so little pay.
When we fill out tax paperwork only to discover ugly, ugly surprises.

These are the moments of counting it all joy.
These are the moments of His Resurrection.

Because there is so much more. true. Sunday changes everything, but Monday certainly comes.

And while we know that are a redeemed, loved, people, it’s often very challenging to live as such.

There is a great tension between redemption (go and look at the buds on the trees or listen to a new born baby’s cry) and the that brokeness still exists in the world (Haiti, poverty, illness).

We must live within the tension.

I think even about the future, so often full of unknowns (Matt and I have NO idea what we’ll be up to come September!) and it’s tempting to dwell, dwell, dwell on what we don’t know, and the what ifs and the when, when when!

So we live in the tension.

We got for walks for iced coffee, we go to the park to toss a disc around, we have our friends over to watch basketball, we pray, we talk, we listen to music and clean our apartment.

We live within the tension–knowing that what we don’t know now, won’t always be, but it will always be something.

We have faith that we don’t need to know all of the answers.

And we try our best to be our best.

One day at a time.

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