Dinner Fail

All I have to say, is THANK GOODNESS today wasn’t a Monday. It was a bit “one of those days” ish. A few highlights before I get into the nitty gritty. I met my Mom for a fun Pho lunch in Jackson Square today- the world’s premiere people watching location. That was nice. I also tried a new interval workout on the treadmill to help me increase my speed. It was sweaty, but so GLORIOUS to only have a 25 minute speedy run, rather than a loooong, slow one. Then, I hopped into the pool for some laps! I am doing a triathalon  in September and now is as good a time as any to get back into the pool! I bought  some new goggles that worked perfectly (and left siiick marks on my face- Matt said it looked like I got punched!) and swam 40 laps (1km!) after my run. It was awesome. I forgot how much I love swimming. I used to swim on the swim team in highschool and I remember how much I loved the head-clearing benefits of a good swim workout. I, perhaps unfortunately, love noise. I have a radio on almost all day-I listen to podcasts or music on my walks home from work–but in the pool, I am silent. And all I can hear is my breathing and the sounds of my body moving through the water. It was great!  I am excited to work swim workouts into my routine, especially since I am going to lay off the miles for a while.

Ok, on to the not so great stuff. Work was hectic, busy and HOT. I felt so clammy all day- I think it’s because the heat is still on and the weather was warm and it just made for a mess.

After my workout, Matt picked me up from work (because he’s a great husband, I really could have walked!) and we whipped up a speedy dinner. I found a recipe in an old Rachel Ray magazine of my Mom’s for Pineapple Jerk Chicken…sounds delicious right?


So. SO. Spicy. Like, painful. We should have tasted the jerk sauce before pouring it over our otherwise lovely dinner. We tried to add coconut milk to take some of the heat out, but no luck.

Take a look:

Please ignore my obnoxious laugh and the fact that the video is sideways,  but seriously, he was running for more water…we couldn’t eat it. It was that hot…I settled for 2 bowls of cereal. C’est la vie!

I think we make more good dinners than bad ones. But tonight

Jerk Sauce: 1 Cait and Matt: 0



4 thoughts on “Dinner Fail

  1. that video made me laugh so hard – “matt, you’re just faking”, followed by a serious shaking of the head and running for relief. i love you two.

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