Sunday Funday

Hello friends!

How have you all been?

I hope that you had an excellent weekend. We certainly did. We had a really full weekend but the best kind of full, not full of obligations and responsibilities, but full of fun, friends and a lot of laughing ( and eating, like most weekends around casa de co-op).

I spent Friday night at frwy working with Margie. It was hoping and there were three live acts- one being this girl, who was so good I bought her ep.

Saturday I had an exciting morning–which hopefully I’ll be able to tell you good news about in a few weeks. After my secret ¬†mission, Matt and I had a carb-comma inducing breakfast at the Pancake House–and he gave me beautiful daisies. Pretty good start to the weekend.

At 1 pm we headed out to the park for our first Tuesday Night ultimate team practice. If you know us, or have been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that we’re big into ultimate frisbee, especially Matt. He is REALLY good! We’re playing in the Hamilton League this summer on two different teams and Tuesday night is the beginners night. This will be Matt’s second year coaching our team. It’s a really awesome group of people and this year we’ve got some awesome new players! It was SUPER windy Saturday but we spent almost two hours running around practicing drills and playing a scrimmage with another team that was in the park.

Saturday night was so wonderful we made a giant mexican feast and a bunch of friends got together and ate and laughed and played taboo really badly.
Sunday we went to a special type of party hosted by the one and only G.O.D and Steve…followed of course by Christian Chicken. See, I told you we spend our weekends eating.

The EXTRA great news from this weekend is that I now have EVERYTHING I need to start my triathlon training! I bought a bike! *cheers*

Oliver is the king of Kijji and found me a great little bike for $40. Today we went to MEC and Matt helped me find a few parts that I needed to get my new (to me) bike into good riding condition and I got a helmet to protect the ole’ melon. So thanks to Matt and Oliver’s skills I now how a perfect bike to ride for the race and it was LESS than $100! I’m really happy!

Deb, Ollie, Matt and I went on a scenic 10 km bike ride this evening around the lake and followed up with some soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. A perfect ending to a great weekend.

Now, it’s 9 pm on Sunday- all of my laundry is clean and folded (isn’t that the best feeling?!) and I am going to prep my lunch and breakfast for tomorrow. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the unknown this week and how so many things about the future and the not so distant future are completely out of my hands. I’ve been practicing recognizing my fears when I start to get worried and reminding myself that it’s ok not to be in control all the time and that God is good. At the end of the day all I want is to be useful in the world and I know that there is a plan for me and sometimes I just need to yield a bit to God, remembering that it’s all good. Worrying really gets me no where- so instead, I channel my wannabe yogi and “return to the breath” and everything is ok.

…My eyes to Him. My Heart to Him and everything comes into perspective.

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