A Future Marauder

My dear friends–I’ve finally made my choice about next fall…..

I’m going to McMaster for the Midwifery Education Program! And I am so excited! It was a very hard decision–because a PhD in Women’s Studies at York would have been excellent as well, but in the end, midwifery was the right choice for me. It’s hard to articulate exactly how I made my choice but I felt confident that midwifery education would lead to a career when I finish school, ensure that my “job” helps women, offer lots of options for having our own family (one day wayyyy down the road), and I think I’m really going enjoy it!

After I decided, I felt really, really excited. September is going to bring BIG changes. I’m so excited to go to Mac and to meet the other Student Midwives (I think they’ll be 30 of us). I’m really pumped to LEARN—I’ll be studying anatomy and health and all sorts of stuff that I currently don’t know very much about!

Thanks again to everyone who helped me make my decision–I really appreciated all of your thoughts and recommendations–It really meant a lot to me.

I’m sure that you’re glad that my blog will take a bit of a “decision time” rest–instead I’ll be focusing on having an AWESOME summer. Do you know that I’m leaving for the Outer Banks in less than a WEEK!?! We’re so pumped- and it’s been such a crazy month for us that our vacation has just crept right up! And now, it’s around the corner!

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8 thoughts on “A Future Marauder

  1. WOW! That is so awesome and exciting! It seems like a perfect fit for your gifts, interests and abilities. I can’t wait to hear the things you learn and experience!!

  2. Congratualtions!! I am sure this was a difficult decision – but from reading the posts the whole way through, I had a feeling this is where you would end up! September will be full of new beginnings – well deserved! Have a great vacation!

  3. a future marauder indeed!
    go MAC go!

    and i believe you will be the best midwife around!

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