Beautiful Things

In the Bible it says that God created Adam from the dust. I’m not sure where I stand on the literal translation of the Christian creation story (because I think most people groups have really beautiful-and strikingly similar- creation stories) but regardless of what I think, that’s what it says.

Tonight I was at a worship service and we sang the song “beautiful things”- I posted the video below.

I was so captured by the simplicity of the song and the beauty of the words. Isn’t the idea of making something from dust so amazing? And the idea that we too are being made beautiful–in our everydays, in our love and in the way we live together.

The bridge of the song says “You make me new. You are making me new”– I love the idea of newness- of new beginnings, of birth, growth and restoration.

What a simple song and a true message: We are made from nothing–and we’re made into beautiful things.


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