Week # 2–Commitment

Today is the longest day of the year. Bittersweet if you ask me because it means that each day is going to get a wee bit darker now, not to get all debby-downer on you.  I had a GREAT first day of summer hanging out with my friend who is getting married in SIX weeks- this wouldn’t be so crazy if her entire engagement was longer than SEVEN weeks…but it’s not. I love weddings. Since our wedding I have a much deeper appreciation and love for weddings. I’ve teared up at a lot of weddings since…love is power…and so is commitment.

Commitment is what brings me to friend number 2 in my new experiment. I’ve felt a bit lazy lately…dry or something…just less “go to” than normal… I’m not 100% sure why, but I’m hoping to turning things around asap!

My friend Maja is committed…to people and to the things she’s passionate about. She is a woman of many, many talents. She’s smart as a whip, night time gardener extraordinaire, book-reading, amazing cake baking, photo magic making, pottery goddess. And she’s funny. AND witty…And a really good friend (do you hate her yet? 🙂

Yet, despite all of these incredible talents she manages to volunteer…a lot. To work hard at her job and have time for her friends. She’s committed to people. Committed to writing personalized thank you cards,  and to learning and practicing the things she’s learned.

I really want to be as committed as Maja (amongst her many, many other great qualities).  I’m grateful that we became friends and I am so thankful for the many meals shared and laughs had.

And as I try to get back in the groove of things (and begin marathon training…eeeeks!) I am going to channel my inner Maah-jahh and COMMIT. All in.

All in.


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