Experiment Week #5- Passion

One of the major bonuses of marrying Matt is that he has incredible friends. I think it’s true that the people you spend your time with say a lot about you–and in Matt’s case, it  says he must be pretty  awesome.

Steve is one of my favourite friends. We went to Waterloo at the same time so we spent some time making the commute to the Hammer together, playing squash or eating curly fries with friends at the campus pub.

Steve has a million and one good qualities–and there are so many of his attributes that I would love to have and be.

In a nutshell, Steve is one of the most brilliant people I know- both book smart and just life smart. He loves his friends a lot. He loves God a lot. He is passionate. I think this is the quality that stands out to me the most about Steve: passion.

There is something to be said about a person who would go to the wall for his friends and family. Steve’s love for life and God (and Bill Simmons) is so evident in everything he does. In his laughter, his running and eating–it’s all done with passion- and joy. He even has a joyful looking running gait, I kid you not.

I know a lot of people who lead (what is in my opinion) exceedingly boring lives. It’s so easy to fall into the mundane. Only about the weather…or watching too much bad tv. Life can become this awful repetitious, dreary cycle.  But I think deep down most people long for connection, for community, for love and to be known. Steve is always trying to better understand the world, God, community and friendship. In the few years I have known him, he has taught me that it’s pretty cool to “love church”, that reading Catholic Priests can be life-changing and that there is never a bad time for a dance party or a good ole’ butt shake.

I want to see the world through eyes like Steve’s. Eyes that see the divine in all things and live with a deep sense of awe and reverence for life and love. I’d also like to be as good at squash as he is.

He writes a blog that you should check out if you get a chance–like I said, he’s brilliant…and I feel really, deeply blessed to be his friend.


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