Today I was running and day dreaming and I remembered this magical run that I went on  this past winter. It was a Monday night and I had just finished a hills workout with my run club from work. We’d meet at the Chedoke Golf Course and run up and down the looooooong driveway/road. Matt would usually come too, but run on his own, with the girls pointing out how speedy he was (I like to think our little run club made him run a wee bit faster:) )

As a cool down we ran down this trail that runs right along the escarpment. It started to snow those big dopey, slow falling snowflakes. And we were running in this untouched, serene path. And it was perfect.

Today when I ran on that very same trail, sweating like mad, squinting in the sun and doing the obligatory (and much loved) runner’s nod, I thought of that dark evening; running in perfect peace in the slowly falling snow.

Memories can be so lovely.

(photo by Andrew Beebe- not from my trail, but one strikingly similar)


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