don is a smart dude.

I needed to read these words tonight:

The sad truth is, good guys often get taken advantage of. When I lose my temper, it’s usually because I don’t want to get taken advantage of, I don’t want to be disrespected. I’ve stepped into a game in which people are keeping score, and I’m determined not to lose. But the truth is, there is no game, it’s just a hoax, and the only way to show others there is no game is to lose and show how much it didn’t matter. Perhaps that’s why Jesus asks us to turn the other cheek, to give our shirt to somebody who asks for our coat and so forth. He wants us to show people we aren’t playing their game.

I’ve written about Donald Miller’s concept of “telling a better story” before and I love his idea of looking at life like you’re the main character in a movie (as in, are you a character that you’d want to root for?) The above quote is from his blog.

I had a terrible attitude in our ultimate game tonight–and I knew it, but I just couldn’t get out the funk…you know that feeling? I wanted to win too badly. I felt tired and agitated. I know that everyone has days like this but Don is right when he says that ultimately, there is no game.

There’s definitely freedom in that.

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