Week 6- Hospitality and Generosity

This is Jussie. She is lovely in all ways–a voice that is  as beautiful as any. She’s got mad ultimate frisbee skills, a runner, a social-worker-in-the-making.

But what I really want to tell you about is how she is generous and hospitable; traits I most definitely would love to embody.

Jussie is all about other people. About loving people, knowing people, giving to people. She’s the first to bring snacks to a party (and she is a student!) In fact, last weekend at a wedding, she brought lovely snacks for our beach day. She thinks of things like that.

She is an amazing host–welcoming people into her home or sharing whatever she has. Not to be cliche but she really radiates love and God’s goodness. She’s the type of friend who emails you to see if you’re feeling better or sends new music that you might like.

Jussie is a truly beautiful person–from the inside out. And you can really tell that her beauty is the good kind, the deep kind…the inside kind.

I want to practice being as hospitable and as generous as Jussie is…it makes the world a better place.


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