When we learn how to fly, we forget how to walk: thoughts on running

Running and I have come a longgg way. We’ve moved from simple treadmill runs at a set pace and distance to venturing outdoors. I’ve overcome my silly fear of running with other people to preferring to run with others. I’ve trained. I’ve raced. I’ve run in snow, rain, and I’ve run in the hot, humid Ontario summer.

I am training for a marathon. It’s crazy. I feel crazy. It’s in 87 day. 87 shorrrrrt days. And I am a bit nervous and a lot excited. Here’s the thing though–running a marathon requires a LOT of training. And it takes a lot of time.  My lifestyle has to change a bit to accommodate my runs. I plan my weekends around my long run…and if like last weekend, I’m tired or lazy and SKIP a run…well, do I ever feel guilty (especially because I am only hurting myself, as the old adage goes…)


and there is always a but:

I love it.

I have a few friends that have recently taken up running (and I am not saying that it’s for everyone…it really is about finding something to challenge yourself; to make you grow) and it has been a joy to watch them improve and push themselves.

Running is all about love/hate.

For a perfect example of this here is the train of consciousness from my reallly hot run today:

boy it’s hot out

this water is heavy

goodness i am thirsty

i could run all day

i love running

it’s so peaceful on this trail

oh, hello young hooligans

boy, it’s hot

wow, we’ve only gone 1 mile…awesome.

i hate running.

sweat is running in my eyes

sweat is everywhere…leg sweat? WRIST sweat?!

oooh blessed downhill…

how much longer

cashew curry for dinner? i think yes.

dear lord please make this run end soon.

the end is near, the end is near.

wow, phew, great run.

ahhhh. well. I will leave you with a uber cheesy Train song called “finish line” (yes, TRAIN, I know, I know…)

To add a bit of my own “cheese”–there really are so many finishing lines; not just one. Not just at the end of a race. There are small victories in trying, in fighting hard, in not quitting, in resting, in pushing, in committing and just putting on your runners and heading out the door.


3 thoughts on “When we learn how to fly, we forget how to walk: thoughts on running

  1. oh pips, you are always so inspiring to me! thank you for your encouragement and dedication and the ways you challenge me. you amaze me. love you, my pips penny. xo

  2. this was one wonderful blog, song and all (btw, I love that song….) and it has inspired me to “finish” some of the things I have started…..thanks for that, and for always making me so very proud of you.

  3. I loved the internal running commentary. Ha.
    Can’t wait for your marathon day! You are going to rock it 😉

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