Week 7 (i think?) –joy

I pretty much love everything about this picture. I was taken almost a year ago at our wedding. And as much as I love the napkin tied to Steve’s head, it’s the chair dancer that I want to tell you about.

Steph is one of my oldest friends. We met at camp when we were 11 and have been friends ever since. We’ve been through a lot together and have had a lot of really great times and some tough times too. But our friendship always made it out the other side every time.

There are A LOT of ways I’d love to be like Steph but I am going to focus on just two; joy and faith.

If you know Steph, you’ll know that she is ridiculously fun and silly. Hence why I posted this photo– I can’t tell you how happy it makes me looking at this photo and seeing her dancing on a chair at our wedding (i think we had a pretty great dance party)! And, the fact that I think she is using her hand as a mic makes the picture a total gem. Steph can make any party (or any activity for that matter) very fun.

One time when we lived in residence together we made these ridiculous turban out of scarves and cleaned our room. A couple days ago when I visited her at the camp she is directing this summer–Steph was playing the character “Justina Beaver” for the theme night. I got to be “Cinnamon” her sidekick– so fun.

I love the joy that Steph brings with her where ever she goes. What a beautiful way to be in the world.

Steph also has a really beautiful faith in God. She’s so good at seeing the big picture and resting in who she knows God to be. Despite some crummy things she is still able to see the best in people–to have faith in people. One time she told me a story about important it is to hold the people in your life “in high regard” –to give them the benefit of the doubt and to expect the best out of them. What a beautiful and holy way to relate to people.

I don’t have a sister (I do have a wonderful sister-in-law!) but I think of Steph like a sister…and I feel pretty lucky.


One thought on “Week 7 (i think?) –joy

  1. I have read this like 60 times and love it! I love you so much and the idea that you love me back and would even go as far as to say sisters….my heart rejoices! The idea that you see joy and faith in me are…well…so encouraging! Thank you! I cherish your words…love this blog!

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