Together with you…

…I want to live a life full of the kind of love and laughter that makes strangers stop and stare.
One year ago I spent the day surrounded by everyone I love. I wore  two white dresses. I danced the night away. I laughed, I cried.

I married my best friend.

Have there been tough days? yes.

Is our marriage perfect? no.

Was it the best decision I have ever made? absolutely.


I love you. I love how you love me. How you show me what passion looks like. How you teach me to be adventurous and to not sweat the small things. I love how you have always pushed me in the direction of my dreams, never doubting my abilities. I was whole before I married you– but I know myself a lot better now.

Being your wife has helped me to grow more into the woman that God wants me to be.

I wouldn’t trade a minute of the past year for anything.  Thank you for choosing me.

Remember when we picked up my Nana from the train station a couple of years ago and we asked her how many years she was married to my grandfather and her response

not long enough…”

That’s how I feel about you, about us. Forever isn’t long enough.

Happy, happy anniversary.


8 thoughts on “Together with you…

  1. Yup…there are tears over here too. SO beautifully written! Happy 1st anniversary to both of you! Ben and I are real glad we’re friends with you both. Have a great weekend together and I wish you 70 more years together 🙂

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