the road ahead

Reflecting on what you thought would happen and what actually happened is a funny thing.

At this time last year, newly married Matt and I thought we were going to go to Korea and teach for a year…and then we didn’t (luckily we both realized that it just wasn’t right for us at that time).

And now, here I am a year later starting midwifery school in ONE WEEK. Holy moly.

September always feels like the beginning of a new year–September is January’s cousin. I can’t tell you how excited I am go pick up my back to school supplies and spend time on campus. There is something so infectious about a university campus in the fall–the colours, the leaves, the new students, the books…I could go on. Maybe what I like about September (and January, for that matter) is the potential they both bring.

potential for infinite learning.

potential for new friends.

potential for a new passion.

potential for a new career.

In many ways where I am today is no where near where I thought I’d be last September. But luckily for me–it’s better.

Of course on top of all my excitement about starting school are questions…will i make good friends? did i make the right choice? are we going to be ok with me only working part time? am i smart enough? and so on and so on.

Despite my fears the potential of a new school year  that I mentioned above is overpowering and intoxicating. I love learning and I really love school. I think I could be a student forever (although paychecks are really nice too).

All of this is to say — I am really excited for this new chapter…only 6 more days!

*i took this photo on a drive up to visit Silver Lake, the camp I used to work at. the sky was so ominous–it was incredible. then it rained for 10 minutes before the sun returned*


4 thoughts on “the road ahead

  1. you should have no worries little missy….to me, you have always succeeded at whatever you undertook….here’s to an incredibly awe inspiring new year for you….xoxo

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