Week 8- Contentment and Curiosity

This is Deb. She is our neighbour and a wonderful friend. I’m so happy to have the chance to tell you a bit about her and the ways that she inspires me.

Deb is not afraid to step on toes. She’s not afraid to be herself (i mean, she’s human so like all of us she’s not immortal but generally she has a really beautiful sense of self). What I love so much about Deb is that she’s assertive. She’s bold. She has big (attainable) dreams and so many great perspectives on life.

Because we’ve both been off work this week we’ve had lots of time to chat about life and all that good stuff. Deb is not a surface friend- she’s real and honest. I know that if I asked her opinion on something, she’d tell me the truth.

Having another conversation with a friend this week we were talking about how as we’ve gotten older there has been a process of (for lack of a better word) shedding the relationships in our lives that drain us or cause us to feel poorly about ourselves…even the relationships that have always lingered around the surface. And it’s true- that really has happened to me. Life is too short and too busy to talk about the weather all the time.

Deb is a friend of substance. She inspires me to question the system, to talk openly about the things I want to accomplish and to push myself to try new things.

Finally, what I love about Deb is that she really, really loves her life. She’s authentic and she’s got a lot of joy…and do you know what? Seeing someone authentically live a life they love is a really beautiful thing to be a part of and even more than that, it makes me realize how much I really love my life.

So, Deb thank you for your contentment and your curiosity about the world and for being such a good friend to me (and for being so bad-ass on the ultimate field!)


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