Week 9- Celebrity Status

This is a photo of Aaron and Matt, respectively (in the sense that Aaron is on the left and Matt is on the right, not as in it’s a “respectable” pose). But I digress…

I have been waiting to share a little bit about Aaron for a couple weeks now and I am excited to have the chance today.

In our group of friends, I think Ron is a bit of a celebrity. He is the friend that everyone loves to have around. A few of us Hamilton types set up a campaign to convince him to stay in town for grad school. And he did (although unlikely because of all our whining). And I think we all feel so lucky to know that he’s going to be close by for at least a couple of years.

Aaron is many things–most noticeably he is responsible, logical, thorough, and committed. He’s brilliant in a book smart way (despite NEVER reading books for pleasure). Matt is pretty convinced that he’ll do a PhD because he really is a genius.

More than those things, Ron is a great friend and a great person. He’s a quality friend. He doesn’t judge (unless *someone* is behaving inappropriately …ahem…like getting in verbal fights on the ultimate field).

Despite being wise and responsible, he’s fun. Really fun. Note for example the above photo. Thigh tanning? Excellent. He also is good at pretty much everything he does, which in most cases would drive me mad. But Ron isn’t that competitive…he just likes to play. That’s a pretty amazing quality.

I’ve said this before, but one of the major bonuses of marrying Matt is the amazing group of men he calls his friends. Every day I am more and more grateful for the quality of friends I have. Life is too short have to try to be someone else to fit in.

Aaron is so loved by his people. And I could most definitely take a lesson from his logical, wise ways. I also could take a lesson in drinking terrible rum and whiskey(?) concoctions.


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