I had a work meeting today after school with one of my most favourite colleagues. She works at a different women’s organization than I do, but we get to work together on a project. Once we got to know each other last year, our work meetings quickly became became peppered with chatting and stories.

She is Palestinian and I have learned a lot from her. She’s wise and witty and very, very pragmatic. I like that a lot. A few months ago she told me about a saying her father often told said. She said it in Arabic and then laughed at it’s english translation…something along the lines of “if you don’t cut time, it will cut you” -meaning that if you don’t make an effort to use your time, it will just pass and get the best of you. We laughed over this silly translation. But I’ve thought about it a lot since then, “if you don’t cut time it will cut you.” And it’s true. It will.

Today we were talking about her life and plans and whatnot and she said something really simple and really wise. She said “if you want change then YOU have to change”.

What a good reminder. You cannot sit around and wish for your life to change. You cannot want to tell a better story with your life and sit there and wait for it to happen. You can’t achieve anything by doing nothing.

So many people want change. We’re told to “be the change that we wish to see in the world” but I wonder how many of us are unhappy with our lives/attitudes/feelings/circumstnaces/jobs/etc but then just expect change just to fall into our laps.

If you want change, then change. Don’t talk about it. Don’t wish for it or try to will it into fruition. Do something about it. Do ANYTHING about it.


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