Week 10- Glow

Every once in a while I meet someone that  I’d love to channel–their spirit, their energy and their way of being. Krista is one of those people.

Krista is Luke’s girlfriend (amongst many other things) and let me tell you, he is a lucky guy. I always hope that my close friends and family will date people who I love. It’s completely selfish, but its so nice to have new, wonderful people brought into the mix; into the family.

Krista spends most of her time working on becoming a nurse in B.C. She’s smart, thoughtful and really, really encouraging. When I was trying to decide what program to choose for school she sent me a really nice email that spoke about her experience trying to choose between two good options. What made the email so special was that she assured me that I couldn’t really make a mistake. She had faith that I would make the right decision. And that meant a lot.

Krista remembers people’s birthdays and big events. She sends care packages and writes emails. Like so many of my friends, Krista seems comfortable in her skin, secure in who she is–and like I have written before, that is a really inspiring quality.

I think the combination of these two things –her caring and thoughtful nature combined with her sense of self worth and value give Krista a really beautiful glow. It’s infectious and I think it’s what makes people want to be around her and also makes people want to be a little bit more like her. She glows from the inside out.

Luke is really lucky but so are we. We’re so lucky that we get to have a new friend- especially one as lovely and fun as Krista.


One thought on “Week 10- Glow

  1. Caitlin Jane MacPen, you are such a nice human being…..and you have wonderful qualities….where did you get them from????

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