This Guy

I had my first meltdown since going back to school. It took a crappy science class and an eye infection in both eyes. I finally made it home after my THIRD visit to a doctor in the past week, antibiotics in hand, and collapsed on the couch and wept. Yes, I wept.

And see this guy? The one in the photo? He took my shoes off and gave me a hug and let me cry on the couch while he got me some water to take my pill with. He cleaned the entire apartment top to bottom while I was at school today. It’s immaculate. Let’s just suffice it to say that I’ve been leaving a tornado of paper everywhere I’ve been since September started.

After I finally finished crying about my swollen eyes and how unsightly they are (and how shallow I feel for CARING how silly I look) we decided to FINALLY join our bank accounts (look Ron, we’re married!). We spent about an hour at the bank and then had some Lick’s for dinner. There’s nothing like a good burger and crossing off an administrative task off your list to make a girl feel good again (swollen eyes and all).

I love you Matt–with your Old School Complex and all. Thank you for being so good to me.