Week 11: The Moment

This is Steph. Isn’t she beautiful? She is my wonderful friend and today I am going to tell you about how she encourages me to be a better person.

Steph is gregarious, she’s full of life and she has a really loud laugh. One of the things I love the most about Steph is that she’s 100% herself. There is not pretension, no faking or anything else that might come across as disingenuous.

Steph and I are recent friends, really only getting to know each other after university. One day we figured out that we have a fair amount in common and it was instant friendship. Steph is a no bullsh*t kind of person; she tells it like it is. And I love that.  I never worry about how she’ll react to something I say or if she’ll judge me or not. She is also ridiculously skilled at pulling information out of people without trying-you know those kind of people? She always asks the right questions at the right time. She’s an excellent friend to have because without even trying she is always able to help put something into perspective, encourage or challenge.

I love that Steph knows who she is. I love that she has found great love. I was lucky enough to get to celebrate her wedding this summer and it was the most perfect combination of community, love, good food and lots of laughter. While the entire wedding was beautiful, one of my favourite moments happened hours before the actual ceremony. A bunch of us girls had spent the morning setting up the seats for the ceremony and the reception area. Jussie was working her magic cutting dune grass and we wraped and tied all of the cutlery sets with pretty napkins. And then- it poured. It absolutely poured. By then the guys were back and it was a bit team effort to set up a couple of giant tents while the sky unload on us. It was the perfect picture of ridiculousness–we ran around covering up the jars of sand on the tables and trying to keep things dry. About 12 of us set the tents up. And when they were finally set up- we celebrated, laughed and all cracked a drink. Steph smiled and laughed through the entire ordeal. She personified the idea of living in the moment; of being in the moment. And it was so enjoyable.

And then we went inside to get ready and completely forgot about the rain. And as the way things go, it stopped raining. And the weather was perfect. And the wedding itself was imperfectly perfect.

And they were so happy.

And I loved every minute of it.


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