Today was such a nice day. It started with breakfast at my favourite diner with one of my very favourite friends. We chatted, got caught up and drank too much coffee. Then we drove to a friend’s house and hoped into the car with Matt, Ron and Maja and zoomed over to confederation park to watch Deb, Ollie and Ivan run a 10km race. It was a gorgeous, crisp day and it was so fun to cheer for all of the runners. Running is a privilege (more on this to come…) and watching people run a race is so fun. Deb, Ollie and Ivan were amazing (and speedy!) and the course was really spectator friendly- two out and back loops meant that we got to see them 4 times.

The gang went out for food after the race, but sufficiently full, I headed home to pound out a paper proposal I’ve been dreading for some time. The draft is done and with a bit of tinkering tomorrow, it will be good to go.

Matt’s parents came for dinner tonight and we had a really fun time at a little Italian place near our neighbourhood. They are really great people. I am so lucky to be their daughter in law.

Later a bunch of friends came over and we talked about social networking, community, technology and all of that good stuff. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook and blogs and all of this internet messiness. One smart friend noted that if the internet disappeared we all might spend more time in each other’s living rooms. And I think she’s right. Yet…here I am typing to …well, you. Whoever you are. It’s a weird thing. I love the internet and yet I hate it. And I admittedly spend too much time on facebook. I know that what you see on my “profile” is constructed. Its what I choose to let you see. It’s not real. Its not the whole real, more specifically. My friend said that if the internet died she would no longer care about the facebook “friend” from grade 6. How true. And yet…and yet.

Later more friends came over and we chatted and hung out. There were nine of us in our wee living room tonight and it was nothing special but it was…exactly what I wanted to be doing.

Tomorrow’s extra hour is being devoted to studying- but that’s ok. I’ve got all day. Today has been all mine. No deadlines. No classes. No meetings and rushing. I love the weekends.

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