Or yoga. I prefer joe-ga. But I digress.

Tonight I attended my FIRST ever hot yoga class (I know, I behind the times)! I enjoy doing yoga but had never tried the hot variety before.  A new studio opened about ten minutes from our place and has a sweet introductory offer. I bought a one month unlimited pass.

The studio is swanky and was packed with lots of young women. I was happy to see some men there. The age diversity was lacking a bit but I guess that’s what you get so close to a university.

I really liked the class. It was really hot. I had to will myself not to panic at one point when I realized literally EVERY pore in my body was sweating. I was roasting! It felt good. Sweaty good.

Funny: One of the perks about learning anatomy and physiology is I hear a lot terms thrown around in everyday talk. Grey’s Anatomy is a great example of this. Cardiac tamponade? I totally know what that is. And yes, it will kill you.  And yes, I still watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Do you know what else is a great example? Yoga class. Tonight the instructor said something about loosening  our “nerve joints.” Um, excuse me? Unless my professors have been leading me WAY astray, there are no such things as nerve joints.

I have 29 more days to use my pass and you better believe I am going to try to milk it for all it’s worth.  I hope that I can regain some of the strength that I’ve lost since being sucked back into the university vortex. Sitting in the library doesn’t do much for your biceps. Shocker, I know.

I’ll try to remember to write a wrap-up post after my one month to see if I feel more om. Regardless, practicing yoga will be a nice alternative to studying, studying, studying.


um. ya. maybe by day 30?



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