The wedding quilt

Our family and friends were central to our wedding last August. We asked all of our wedding guests to send us a small swatch of fabric that they liked or that had some meaning to them. Then my mom put the pieces together to make a duvet cover.

We were overwhelmed by the creativity of our friends and family and loved hearing all of the stories that accompanied the fabric swatches. Our wedding was such a special day and we’re so glad that we decided to make a few decisions to ensure that our memories of the day could be captured. We chose Krista Jefferson of Edison Photography to take our photos (she’s amazing and if you ever need a photographer you should hire her–she’s the best)! I’m so glad to have visual memories. But the quilt reminds us specifically of the people at our wedding in a different way than photos do. It reminds us of their stories and their care for us. I hope that one day many, many, many moons away we can tell stories to grandkids about each swatch of fabric and each person who supported us as we promised to love each other forever.

If we had an iron, I might iron it. But we don’t. So the duvet cover is folded nicely in the closet until the right time to use it comes along. Some of my favourite swatches include a piece from a raptors t-shirt from a home opener we went to with friends, a very beautiful piece from two friend’s trip to Malaysia and the cheetah piece….excellent.


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