I love co-ops

I love this idea of this dinner co-op. It seems so nice for busy families. We share meals with a group of our friends on Wednesday nights and I really love it. I look forward to it every week.

Some nights we spontaneously have a shared dinner with our friends across the hall. It’s always a lovely surprise to either a) not have to cook or b) share our meals with our friends.

You may have noticed how frequently our social events are based around communal eating. In any given week we share a number of meals with friends and we wouldn’t have it under way. Food (and sharing food in particular) is very spiritual. There are deep notions of nourishment and communality.

I like the idea of resisting our North American individualism as well. Like these families in the the dinner co-op, sharing cooking duties means more time for family and friends and more nutritious and exciting meals. For the win!


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