Like and dislike

ah, the blog distraction. I opened my computer to look at some images arteries and veins and ended up jumping ship, at least momentarily. Instead I decided to share some of the things that I am diggin’ and not diggin’ of late.


– hot yoga! It’s somehow simultaneously an excellent strength workout and relaxing. Win!

– December 1st…I can’t wait to decorate our apartment and play (good) Christmas music.

free music for the Advent season. Score! I particularly like song #2

Brooke Fraser. I saw her at the Opera House this week and her voice and her quirky personality bowled me over. Loved it. Love her.

– Finding awesome art for Christmas gifts. I can’t link it because some of it might be coming  your way!

– Homemade bread. And the resurrection of Amish Friendship Bread



– The smell of the anatomy lab. Yeeechhh.

– The rain.

-December 1st–EXAMS are soon. Eeeeks! Looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time in the stinky anatomy lab.

– Our car window. The driver’s side window mechanism has gone caput. So the window no longer rolls down when you want it to. Rather, is slowly opens an inch or so while you’re driving on the highway at night, stuck in Justin Bieber concert traffic. Yes. I’m hoping Matt can think of a remedy before we decide to” screw it” or rather “glue it” and super glue the whole dumb thing shut.

– I lost my squash racket…in our apartment. HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF OUR SHOEBOX APARTMENT?! I have no idea how it is possible to lose a racket, but I managed. I had to cancel a game today because of it. Not a happy camper.

image source


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