Round up

hello friends,

I hope that you had a lovely weekend. I had a good one. Lots of good things including a Hamilton BBQ, watching Dodgeball (so silly!), a fun mini road trip to Barrie with Jussie (by far one of the most thoughtful people I know), Seeing beautiful Kim kick some ivory ass at her Christmas concert (a.k.a Cadenza, now say it like you’re British!), Christmas tree decorating with Matt, late night reading (Matt finished “The Road”), some studying, interesting church service with live techo Christmas beats (very strange, but interesting), and a fun day with my mom at some crafty/market type places. I essentially bought nothing which makes sense considering I don’t think I have ever once bought or made anything for Christmas before December 1st. I always struggle with gift buying at Christmas (we have a lot and a lot of people have nothing). I like this perspective and agreed that some of the best tangible gifts I have been given have been USEFUL. But I am sure I’ll write more on that later…

Also, found this teenaged phenom and was reminded of how right and good it feels to see someone doing something they were (seemingly) born to do. Hello talent. Check it out.

And now I must study because I “wasted” my whole weekend doing things that are full of life and I spent all my time with people I love…silly me.

For your listening pleasure…


2 thoughts on “Round up

  1. Cait! Do you know that Nirimi did all the photography for Brooke’s Album Flag’s? Actually. You probably do BUT still. Just in case.

    Sometimes I wish I was Brooke Fraser. Just sayin’

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