I don’t think I have been this excited for the holidays in a very, very long time. I’m so looking forward to a break I can’t even tell you. A break from school, yes, but much more specifically a break from studying. I have barely moved in two days. I have drank more tea than I thought possible. I’ve lived by a 25 minute timer to encourage focus and productivity and yet… I’m blogging. I am soooo tired of studying.

Here are the things I want to do:

– go to parties

-make Christmas gifts

– watch movies

-hangout with my bro

-go to this spa (I’m going next Wednesday!)

-make and eat cookies.

-make and eat, well, anything other than toast.

-build a gingerbread house

-anything other than think about bones, blood, nerves, muscles and especially brains.

Tomorrow evening I’ll be studying for my last exam of the semester and then by Wednesday I’ll be done. Not having exams was a HUGE perk about grad school…but having 18 days off for Christmas is an awesome perk of being a student.

2 sleeps till the holidays!



4 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Good luck Cait! Keep up the hard work… you’ll do awesome on your exam. Don’t forget to add squash to your list of can’t waits 🙂

    P.S. I hope the pomodoro technique is working out for you!!

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