A little bit of this and that…

hello long-lost blog friends!

I am so sorry for my silence! I’ve been busy living in the “real” world. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

-sleeping in

-relaxing at the Scandinavian baths with lovely girlfriends

-making “mod” gingerbread houses- and by making I mean more encouraging

-wrapping gifts

-making gifts with my mom (an annual tradition where she implores me to add her name on the “from” spot on the card

– going on slow runs

-doing laundry

-eating clementines

-watching a ridiculous amount of movies

and so on and so forth.

Tomorrow begins three jam-packed days of holiday fam-jam goodness followed by a few more days of lunches, breakfasts and hangout with friends. I LOVE the holidays .

It’s been such a treat having time off school. This past semester was BY FAR the most chaotic semester of my entire academic life and it’s lovely to have time to just BE and not DO…you know?

After our final exam one of the girls in my program hosted a “12.5” party to celebrate the fact that we’re 12.5% done our program.  It was such a fun night with all of the women from my program and I felt such peace and satisfaction that I’ve chosen the right direction for my career. My friends and family have been so supportive and integral to this whole “back to school for four years” plan but also, the women in my program have become so important to my sanity. I feel so lucky to have met new friends that I really like. And as much as its so nice having 2 weeks off, I think by the time January 3rd comes around I’ll be excited to see all my midwifery friends again.

Until then however, I will enjoy family, friends and time with Matt (I can’t wait to post some pictures of a couple of gifts Matt made this year! He’s so talented! )

(photo source)

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