It’s that time of year again

As we near the last few days of 2010 I can’t help but start thinking about 2011 and all of the things that might be in store. Every year I make a list of things that  I want to work on, accomplish, try, attempt, stop doing, improve, etc. Here’s my list from this post in January 2010 and how I did in red.

Here is my goals and results from 2009 too!

1. Run Around the Bay and cross the finish line smiling

Success! I loved it!

2. Buy, barter or borrow a sewing machine and learn to sew.

Fail. On all accounts.

3. Take more photos. A lot more photos. Be braver with my cameras and get used to using them more. Post more photos on the blog. Seek out opportunities to assist photographers or learn new skills

I did take a lot of photos this year- although I’d like to take more. I still want to work on remembering to bring my camera out with me more.

4. Visit a country that we’ve never been to

Fail. Sadly. Probably because I accomplished goal #5 and gave McMaster all our money. Perhaps 2011 is a year for adventure!?

5. Take some significant steps at gaining some new professional/education experience

GREAT success. After a lot of debate and prayer and thinking and polling everyone I know (and some I don’t know) I made the decision to go to McMaster and take the Midwifery Education Program.  And I am so GLAD I did. I feel like the luckiest women in the world to be studying for a job that I cannot wait to do. To get to be a part of new life coming into the world is so unreal…and to know that I’m not wasting my one life away tied to a job that I’m not in love with makes my heart feel so full.

6. Manage our money- keep saving and figure out an appropriate investment strategy

Hmmm yes and no. We need to work on our investing but with Matt’s help we’re doing pretty well. Maybe excellent. We’re not rich (financially) but we’re more than making due. And we aren’t in any debt- which is beyond a blessing.

7. Read lots. I love to read and generally have a book or two or five on the go. This year I’d like to read more non-fiction books, particularly books on theology

YES! I had to cut myself off from reading during exams because I found myself staying up waaaaaay too late finishing books. It was a great year for books and I just got three NEW (as in NEW NEW!) books for Christmas. I’m going to crack one open after I finish this post!

8. Healthy lifestyle- continue eating lots of whole, natural foods, run, strength train, practice yoga, eat more vegetables!

Mostly yes! I need to be doing some more strength training to avoid injuring my sad ole’ left knee (again!) but mostly pretty successful. We’re always looking for more ways to enjoy whole foods and make sure we’re eating a lot of fresh produce…always room for improvement.

9. Try to be a bit less anal about random things like Matt’s piles of clean AND dirty laundry.

I think yes, although you’d need to ask Matt to be sure 🙂

10. Take better care of my hands and feet- sounds a bit silly, but my cleats and running shoes RUIN my feet and the winter cold takes a beating on my hands. It’s a small thing but taking a bit of time each day to use hand lotion goes a long way.

Thanks to some nice Burt’s Bees cream in my stocking last year I think my hands and feet are in great shape. I did lose a toenail on Christmas morning (from a 20 mile run in October) but other than that, my hands and feet are  in pretty good shape.

I’m excited to be thinking about 2011 and dreaming of new things to learn and goals to work towards. Did you make any goals for 2010? Did you reach any of them?

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