2010 in Photos

My bro left for Australia in February. we all look so awesome here…probably because it’s like 6 amWe cottaged like good little yuppies. OH and check out that hair of mine. 2010 was year of the sexyWe road tripped.We celebrated Steph’s 27th birthday in MarchWe ran 30km around the Bay at the end of MarchWe celebrated Jussie’s Birthday too! We rented a beautiful beach house and spent a week on the Outer Banks in North Carolina…one of my favourite places on earth.I ran my first short race- a 5km on the hottest day of the summer!I met baby Liberty when she was only 5 days oldWe went to a LOT of weddings! Including Steph and Phil’s super fun cottage wedding in JulyWe celebrated our 1st anniversary with a road trip to Pittsburgh at the end of August

We went on our annual thanksgiving hike with the world’s greatest friends (and I took a pottery class which I was TERRIBLE at and I think that’s what I am pretending to do with major hand gestures in the about photo!)
We warmed out friend’s new place in October
We had our 2nd Christmas as married people (you can see some more photos a few posts ago)

I moved all of my photos on to the new external hard drive that I got for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad P!) so I need to pull up some more photos.

Here’s a few more memories that I’m missing photos from:

-My road trip to Ptbo with Steve and Amanda

-Lots of ultimate (Gratuitous!)

-A great end of semester midwifery party

-Cheering on friends at races

-summer cottage adventures and visit’s to Joel’s house

-a very cool concert party at Maja’s

-Wine and Cheese party

– and many, many more good memories.

It’s been a really wonderful year.



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