Ah weekends. I love them. Don’t get me wrong- I love the week too. I’m so grateful to love school and to no longer dread mondays. I know that as a midwife, I won’t hate Monday mornings either. But my, there is still something lovely about the weekend.

I spend my weekend having lunch with my mom, going to yoga, doing laundry, laughing over dinner with Kim and Jussie, thrifting, paint-chip deliberating, studying and sleeping in. I love sleeping in. I think 10 am is the perfect wake up time, call me crazy- it’s the truth.

Today we went to church- which was beautiful and moving and thought provoking. Now Matt and I are watching my boyfriend Tom Brady lose at football. Matt is rather stressed out about this and with only 6 minutes left, it’s not looking too good for Tom and the boys.

Sadly, there is still laundry to be folded (the antithesis to the beautiful 10 am wake-up time). I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and that you’re heart doesn’t hate Mondays.



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