Loving love when it’s easy and purchased at Hallmark

Let me start with this: we had dinner tonight at Harveys…at the mall. Ha! I think that’s a testament to what I think about the commercialism of valentine’s day. Hallmark doesn’t dictate when we celebrate love and when we don’t.

In saying that though, I should also note that I do love love. And, well celebrating love. In ALL it’s forms…not just romantic relationships. I love Matt dearly, but I would be lost without all of the other people in my life who love me…and who I love too.

I was wandering around our apartment this morning, avoiding studying and cleaning out the fridge (think 2 week old chili, ya, gross) I stumbled across the “guest book” from our wedding. It’s not really a guest book at all, but rather more of a rol-a-dex type deal with a wooden box and pretty cards. As I flipped through the cards this morning, I couldn’t help but think about how wonderful love is. I read the beautiful words of our friends and our families, wishing us the best, blessing us, telling us that they loved us and that they had our backs. It was so powerful. Love is so much bigger than a one-day a year celebration. I think, at the end of the day, love really is all that matters…it’s really all anyone wants, I think. To be known, seen, and loved. And as I read through the words of love shared with us more than a year ago today, that experience, that day, all of that love seemed to still be alive or present or something. Love has power I think. Celebrating Valentine’s day is good and well I guess. I mean, I’m a fan of chocolate and who doesn’t like Harvey’s? Right? But the celebration of love ought not to be put in a 24 hour capitalist box. I’ve  been thinking a lot about gratefulness lately and it’s been such a reminder that it’s not a good idea to take a large swipe at life and simply say “thanks for all this“- I guess it’s a start, but there is power in naming the wonderful, life-giving, beautiful things…the things we love by name….every day. When I look for all of the goodness around me, I start seeing love everywhere. Whether it’s things I love (cbc radio?!) or things that bless me and allow me to feel cherished (seeing a beautiful pink sky, the way rain drops drip glistening). To be cliche, love really is all around us. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s like a deep well…the more I look for it, the more I find it.

So yes, Valentine’s day we honour love…with studying and Harvey’s because we know tomorrow will be a new day, full of even more reasons to celebrate and be thankful for love. Tomorrow will be a new day to work hard for love. To love well.

This is what love looks like: Matt deleting all of the stupid asterisks (highlighting the answers)  from my practice midterm questions

And now what Matt loves:

a) Me! Last year for our first Valentine’s Day married he instituted a new tradition- a love letter. This morning after he left for work I read his letter and, of course, got all weepy, which really is a harsh way to start the day, puffy eyes and all. But I think that’s exactly what he was going for.

b) video games. Matt’s other great love. Because he I wouldn’t want to mislead you. I sure do love him a whole lot, though.

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