The Hunt for Joy

I love this song…It’s written by Brooke Fraser and it’s about the music festival Coachella (go figure). When I heard her perform this song live, she said that she wrote it because she was watching one of her favourite bands perform at the festival and she just felt wonder and awe…connected to all of the strangers around her who’d gathered to hear music and ended up sharing an experience. This song is a manifestation from that moment of joy in her life.

I’ve been thinking and learning a lot about joy lately. I’ve learned that while we think joy is on the highest shelf it’s really on the lowest shelf, always available to us if we’re willing to bend down to reach it.

I’ve learned that joy is often found in the moment when we let go. And breathe.

Joy is found in helping….washing dishes, making buttons, making the bed.

Joy is infinite.

We have to fight for our joy. With eyes wide open. Seeing, really seeing.

Joy can’t be bottled, sold or hoarded. Joy must be received with hands open.



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