International Water Day

It’s a Tuesday and it means that Matt and I are fasting again today until we meet with a pretty quirky and fantastic group of friends from our church for dinner. Last week’s fast wasn’t that bad (we drank water, tea, etc) and the dinner was amazing. It’s incredible how grateful we were to have full tummies. One thing we did learn was about our language. Before we ate dinner I was complaining that I was “starving” —um, no. I was in no means starving. And it’s wrong to say that when there literally are thousands of people who are actually starving. The idea is be mindful of what a joy it is to have food to eat everyday. We’re so lucky. Fasting allows us to hunger and hope for a better world. I’m looking forward to seeing what I learn today.

Also, today is an extra special day because it’s  World Water Day- a day that we unfortunately need to recognize because way too many people around the globe (including in our very own country) don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Why is it that I can have an abundance of water while others go thirsty?

This is wrong.

Really wrong.

Think about how much water you’ve used already today…toilet, coffee, brush teeth, eat food, wash hands, do laundry.

One can debate whether water is a privilege or a right- but regardless, we’re lucky.

Here are some interesting posts in honour of today.

My favourite water charity

Another great great organization. Dare I ask that you consider trying a 40 day water challenge? Matt and I did and it changed our lives forever.

Or maybe you’d like to make a donation?

Official UN World Water Day Site

A little q and a…

Rihanna thinks tap water is rad. So do it.

The City of Hamilton thinks tap water is great too.

i love the cbc

Today as we fast and help ourselves to the clean water from our taps I am going to be extra mindful of those who do not have access to clean water. I am going to remember those women who are attacked on the long walk to the well. And I’m going to donate some money to an organization that helps communities build wells because I want to be a person who backs what I say with what I do.

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3 thoughts on “International Water Day

  1. Hey Cait,
    Have you read or hear of this book?
    “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard Foster? I did a study on it with Quarry people a few years ago and I really loved what it had to say. The book is a staple in many Christian circles and has lots to say on fasting. I wish I has a copy of my own…

    1. I just re read my posts and I really should have done a quick read through before I posted, so many typeos:/ Embarassing.

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