A friend reminded me yesterday that I haven’t written a blog in a very long time (hi, Steve!) and it’s true.  I haven’t been overly busy lately, just happily caught up in school and life and friends and family. It’s been good, but has left little time for blogging.

Lot’s of new stuff has been going on. The best news was yesterday we found out that Matt got into the Master of Social Work program at Laurier. Well technically I found out. I was home studying and decided to go check the mail around 4 pm. I saw the big fat envelope in the mail box and was so ridiculously excited. Matt was on the wait list last year so you can imagine what a relief it was to hear this year so early! The worst part was that NO one was home…and I couldn’t get a hold of Matt on his cell phone. So there was a good hour of laughing/crying and then because I felt crazy, I thought watching a wedding on Teen Mom 2 might be a “good” idea. Um, ya. Matt finally called me back about 45 min later and it was pretty great telling him that he.got.in. Gah! Although he spent all of our 30 second conversation saying, “are you serious? are you kidding? you’re kidding, right?!”

Annnyway, that is really great news.

Also, I may have mentioned before, but I am going out west for the summer to tree plant. I’ve planted for 3 seasons in Ontario a few years ago, but this will be my first time planting out west. Luckily, my friend and neighbour Jussie is coming too! We’re driving across the country to Prince George and we need to be there May 6th. So  we’ll most likely be leaving May 1st! Only one month! As you can imagine, I am both excited and terrified to spend 3 month completely out of my comfort zone, without my best friend and family. But, Matt getting into school really is a great incentive to put a lot of trees in the ground! We’ll both be students for 18 months- so, the more money we save now, the better.

Let’s see…what else. In less than 3 weeks I will be done my first year of midwifery school, which is just so unbelievable! The year has absolutely flown by and most days I am still in shock that eventually, I am going to be a midwife! I’ve met some amazing women and the whole experience has been incredible, not always easy, but so rich. I am ready for the summer, for a nice break from school. I know come September, I will be so ready to get back at it!

We’ve got lots of fun stuff going on this weekend. Some women in my program are putting on a play called Birth, which is essentially a collection of monologue and scenes about Birth, similar to the Vagina Monologues. They have been working SOO hard, and tomorrow is the big debut. I am really excited to see all of their hard work come to fruition!

Also- this weekend is the Elmira Maple Syrup festival…and I think we are going! We went a couple years ago and the weather was sooo cold and rainy. But this year the forecast is calling for +6 and sun!  It’s Mennonite heaven and there are so.many.good.food.options. (read- mostly sweets, pickles on stick, and pancakes)!

So, life is full and good. Hopefully once I’m done classes on Tuesday I’ll have more time to blog and write stuff other than updates.



One thought on “Absentee

  1. Cait I loved reading this exciting blog! I especially loved the part about how excited you and Matt were about his acceptance, because I totally remember feeling the same way when I got that big fat envelope (I was in the same boat as Matt, didn’t get in the first year, which is common, so it was extra sweet getting in the next year!). Enjoy the Maple Syrup fest, we may see you there!

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