Soak it in

I’m not sure if it’s because I am leaving for the west soon, or if it was because I spent 9 hours in the library yesterday, but lately I’ve felt hyperaware of all of the good things around me. It was a busy week, but so great…my last night class on monday, having 10 of our church buddies over for a lentil bake feast after fasting all day Tuesday, lunch with my Mom on Wednesday, Thursday dinner at Maja’s place (there is something holy about a table with 9 place settings!), hot yoga (inspired by Ron) yesterday and today I am fortunate enough to hangout with some girl friends and get a PEDICURE! HA! I can count the number of times I’ve had my nails done, but my feets are going to be in steel-toed work boots for the next three months…I’ve got three weeks to enjoy nice feet! Tonight we’re going to a house party/pub quiz- how fun! Sadly for me- Matt and Ron are on the same team and I think between the two of them they know every piece of useless information that exists.

Life is good and full. I’ve been learning a lot lately, not only in school, but in life as well. I’ve been reading good books and spending time with people who want the world to be a better place and are taking action to make it so. Matt and some friends have been working on a really exciting potential affordible housing program- inspired by these wiley folks. It’s all so exciting!

It’s going to be a  LONG l.on.g. week of studying, but Matt and I are going to Pittsburgh early next Saturday am for a quick in-and-out trip to my dear friend Katie’s wedding shower and bachelorette (I’ll attend, Matt will search for cleat deals). Come a week Tuesday, I will be done my first year of school and ready for the summer. It’s so hard to believe. They say that time speeds up as you get older and I think it’s true.

I’m off…for painted nails, and Diana camera photos, a lunches with rides and lab visits and library coffees. Podcasts and bus rides and dishes that stay in the drying rack. still smiling from Matt’s good school news and seeing spring flowers peak through the soil…the sun is shining and I am soaking it in.


2 thoughts on “Soak it in

  1. I loooove your blog…it always always always makes me feel better after a day at my job…I am so lucky to have you Scooby.

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